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About Concept Generation:

Local Design Partner, Inotek Foundation and Global Design Partner, Catapult Design, with the support of the Mentor-Gatekeeper, GATD, and Market Facilitator, The Apex Consulting Group, recently set up a temporary design office in the city of Yogyakarta. The design office serves as a base for all team work in the area. From here the team can work and meet for the duration of their stay in Yogyakarta.

Catapult Design and Inotek Foundation are driving this stage of the design process and the design team mainly use this design office, but representatives from other Subprogram Partners, including Market Partners are invited to attend meetings and use the space if and when needed. A group of design and commercialization experts came together from among the Program Partners along with administrative staff to support their efforts. Indonesian and international team members worked together to explore the 5 challenges and to generate concepts to potentially meet these challenges.

The team intended to generate 6 concepts per challenge and the generated concepts range from solutions that have been implemented in other areas, modifications of existing solutions to new innovations that can help alleviate the challenges faced by rural Indonesians.

Technology was not the only focus, but also delivery, payment models, business models and intellectual property aspects were considered in the concept generation. Members of the target community have been involved and consulted throughout the process as the team is focused on the end-users from beginning to end. All concepts are developed with local implementation in mind, but the team has also incorporated a broader perspective that includes scalability of the potential Market Solutions to other similar markets in Indonesia, the region and in some cases even globally.

The identified Concepts were screened and 10 Concepts were chosen to be explored and researched more thoroughly.

10 Selected Concepts:

  • Modular Concrete Stove Blocks
  • Sacrificial Cardboard/Plywood Stove Mould
  • Hydram Powered Community Water Filter
  • Sealed Deep Cycle Battery Exchange System
  • Bundled Smart Phone/Battery Marketing
  • Mobile Renewables Shop
  • Solar Lighting Kit Rental
  • Sterling Engine
  • Biogas Pallet/Mini Flatpack Kit
  • Home Industry Briquette Supply

Click Here to download more information about the Selected 2012 Concepts (PDF). From this list of selected concepts, five viable Business Cases were refined and further developed to be presented to potential Market Partners.

Developed Business Cases:

Next Generation Hydram Powered Community Water Pump

A solution to fresh water supply challenges through the establishment of an off-grid autonomous water pump system that relies on a flowing water source and gravity; without dependence on electricity, wind, or solar radiance. The Hydram pump is a technology which utilizes high pressure created from upstream water flow to pump water to a higher place using a hammering motion. Offering improvements in the design and technical properties of existing Hydram pump systems.

Electronic Hub Smart Battery

A solution for off-grid households to access an electricity power source, the battery is a mobile 5kg sealed deep cycle battery with integrated light, WIFI and USB slots that is equipped with a dedicated external solar panel (as well as an on-grid charge capability). The battery pack will have the ability to power small fans, lights, radio, WIFI, and charge hand phones. The proposed concept offers improvements in the design and technical properties of existing power source options.

Mobile Renewables Shop

A mobile renewables shop sells various kinds of renewable energy, or energy efficiency equipment, gadgets and tools as well as communications devices. All of these products will be transported and sold from a vehicle that consistently loops through different communities to market and sell the products, increasing access to and awareness of the technologies that it sells.

Biogas Kit

Improved affordability, design and technical properties to replace existing biogas digesters. The improved biogas kit is a polyethylene tank-in-tank household biogas production system complete with custom biogas stove designed for individual household cooking. The system uses custom tanks and functions with 2 kg of organic waste from household waste to generate 3 hours of cooking time. It is a non-fixed, above ground unit and can be installed anywhere in the home area based on the preference of the customer.

Biomass Fuel Pellets

Converting organic waste from sustainable wood, palm, or paper manufacturers into efficient and cleaner biomass fuel pellets to be used for cooking fuel by home industry, street food vendors and households using biomass cook stoves. The product is a biomass fuel pellet with consistent heat and higher average caloric value than firewood or conventional wood charcoal.

Detailed information and the full Business Cases are made available to interested and eligible potential Market Partners. To contact the market facilitator and express your interest, please send an email to partners@greeninnovation.or.id.