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The Program Blog

The Indonesia Green Innovation Pilot Program is currently developing a Program blog that will be developed as a collaborative process between the different market partners from both components.

The Program blog will contain updates about the entrepreneurs’ progress in the Program, short stories, success cases, pictures and other program related content. There is also more information in the blog about the Indonesia Demand-Driven Green Innovation Subprogram. Link to the blog.

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Program Introduction Video

Voices of Jogja” – Program Videos

Voices of Jogja

The following is a collection of candid, informal interviews that were conducted in the Yogyakarta region in April 2013. The respondents come from both urban and per-urban areas around the city of Yogyakarta (Jogja) and are asked to respond to questions relating to their access and use of communications technology including the internet and mobile phones. These interviews were collected as informal background information for the IDDGIS. The videos were shot to provide insights into the wide range of technology exposure that exists in the communities in and around Jogja.

The IDDGIS team would like to thank all respondents for their time and willingness to participate in this candid survey.

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