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Market Partners

Why become a Market Partner

As a Market Partner, companies gain unique and valuable access to a support network as well as potential partners both locally and globally. Market Partners receive support from experts in several areas of clean technology and business development. The Business Cases all offer viable business opportunities that can help accelerate growth not only for the individual market partners, but for community as a whole through increased impact and direct problem solving.

Market Partner Selection

  • Enthusiasm and passion towards clean energy and the commercialisation clean energy solutions;
  • Has a track record of implementing clean energy solutions;
  • Is a reputable organisation with high ethical standards;
  • Has strong business acumen and successful track record in implementing energy projects;
  • Is committed to contribute to the alleviation of poverty in Indonesia

The following are eligible to submit an Expression of Interest for this opportunity:

  • An incorporated company carrying on business in Indonesia or abroad, established in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of its domicile; and/or
  • An Indonesian or international Not-for-Profit, Non-Government Organisation, University or Technical College, established in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of its domicile;
  • An institutional, corporate, fund or individual debt, equity or mezzanine investor with an appropriate legal structure to make investments in clean energy projects in Indonesia.

About Market Partner Proposals

The IDDGIS is currently in the early stages of cooperation with selected Market Partners. These Market Partners are working with the IDDGIS Team on further developing the Program Concepts. To find out more about the selected concepts that have been developed into Business Cases, you can read here.

Current Market Partners

Kopernik Solutions

Kopernik serves the last mile — the hardest to reach parts of the developing world — by connecting simple, life-changing technology with the people who need it the most. Kopernik works with an extensive network of technology producers and local distribution partners in 13 countries. As of May 2013, Kopernik has reached more than 100,000 people with innovative technologies like solar lights, water filters and clean cookstoves. More than 30,000 of these people are in Indonesia. To learn more about Kopernik, please visit www.kopernik.info

Kopernik was selected by the Indonesia Demand-Driven Green Innovation Sub-Program (IDDGIS) to collaborate on a pilot program on the remote island of Alor, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The pilot program is testing new end-consumer and local partner communications, shipping and logistics systems, product design and methods of payment. The end goal is to determine the most effective way to make simple, life-changing technologies available to people in the last mile. To view a video capturing some of Kopernik’s experiences with IDDGIS, please click here

One Degree Solar

For low-income households and small businesses that are forced to rely on candles, kerosene, batteries and other polluting energy sources for lighting and power, One Degree Solar (ODS) has developed the BrightBox, an affordable, solar-powered battery kit that powers light bulbs, phones, and virtually any USB device. Conventional alternatives in the micro-solar market require specialized tools, training, and spare parts, making after-sales support difficult and expensive for both suppliers and customers. Unlike traditional suppliers, ODS has integrated an ‘open-source hardware’ approach and mobile-based customer service into each step of its value chain, providing an unprecedented customer experience and longer lasting technology in hard to reach areas. To learn more about One Degree Solar and the BrightBox, please visit www.onedegreesolar.com