About Indonesia Green Entrepreneurship

The Green Entrepreneurship Subprogram supports the creation and growth of high-impact business ventures through hands-on business advisory and support to entrepreneurs.

Its objective is to increase the likelihood of long term success for green start-up companies that face uphill challenges in validating ideas, gaining practical business skills, and making rapid connections to potential customers, suppliers, partners and investors The Subprogram is executed by a core team of local and international private sector and non-profit implementing partners, supported by a network of local and global mentors.

Approach to Green Entrepreneurship

The Subprogram is designed to foster the creation or growth of innovative high-impact business ventures through hands-on and advisory support to competitively selected new and actual entrepreneurs. The Subprogram is organized as a tournament whereby entrepreneurs compete for successive rounds of deeper and broader support. It is centred on mentoring by seasoned individuals in Indonesia and abroad. A mentor is a role model, a coach, a sounding board for ideas, and sometimes even a broker who connects his mentees to personal business networks. All support is provided at no cost to the entrepreneur.

The Subprogram offers business advice and practical short-term entrepreneurship learning programs to entrepreneurs through local sources and from global experts through webinars where technology allows for this. The Program also pairs aspiring, new or early-career entrepreneurs with seasoned business mentors, and advisory boards from the entrepreneurs’ communities and other relevant global networks. This way the Program provides the entrepreneurs with easy access to technical advisory services from local and global experts.

As needed, the activity also helps entrepreneurs recruit the management team which they need to grow sustainable high-impact businesses. At the end of the Program three entrepreneurs will receive a funding allocation for consulting services related to their innovative project. In addition to assisting the entrepreneurs this funding allocation is also a way for the Program to gradually develop local consulting expertise and to build mutually beneficial business relationships which may continue after the conclusion of the Program.

The program has three Stages, starting with a Boot Camp. At the end of each Stage entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a combination of local and global judges and are evaluated against their growth potential and progress and the winners are publicized and make it to the next stage, where they receive longer and deeper support.