Entrepreneur Portfolios

Portfolio of 2012 Venture Acceleration Participants

The following 6 entrepreneurs have gone through three screening processes and have been selected to enter the Subprograms first mentoring phase. The companies have attended the entrepreneurship BootCamp, pitched and been interviewed by both a local and a global review panel.

PT Dyna Energy

PT Dyna Energy is a consulting company that deals primarily with clean energy technology for steam and electricity generation. The sources of primary energy are mostly renewable such as biomass, hydro, solar, wind and wastes from animal farm or municipality. PT Dyna Energy also provides evaluation of existing electrical generation systems.

PT Gerbang Multindo Nusantara

PT Gerbang Multindo Nusantara’s scope of business covers design and construction, procurement and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, construction and installation various systems: energy conversion technology, generation, and conservation. GMN is a national private company serving in energy, electrical and mechanical field, especially related to renewable energy technology systems.

PT Intertel Media Prima

PT Intertel Media Prima specializes in the design, engineering and delivery of renewable energy systems, with a current focus on solar PV and micro hydro power systems. PT Intertel Media Prima started as a telecommunication service company and still provides services for telecommunication clients such as Internet, VSAT and radio trunking.

PT Suar Intermuda

Suar Intermuda is a supplier, designer and provider of renewable energy systems throughout Indonesia. Their goal is to supplement then replace fossil fuel power with renewable energy. Suar Intermuda works with distributors and community groups to develop systems and products that fit their needs. The company is moving away from government subsidised projects to a more sustainable, community?driven concept; a modular, scalable RE?based micro?grid system targeted at island communities with less than 1,000 homes. The system will provide cheaper, reliable, full?time, clean power that aims to improve the economy and welfare of the communities.

PT T-Files Indonesia

T-Files develop a unique turbine that suitable with marine current condition in Indonesia. To generate power from the turbine, T-Files has developed permanent magnet generator specialized design for low velocity rpm that generates rated power of between 5kW and 10kW. To support generator and turbine, and also act as buoyancy, T-Files also develop a floating structure. The company focus is on renewable energy solutions as alternatives to fossil fuels.