Why Participate?

Most innovative ventures fail not because they run out of money, but because they spend all of their time and money pursuing the wrong ideas, business models and markets. New entrepreneurs, regardless of their age, fail because they do not have right skills, mentorship and networks to validate their ideas and take them to the market. These factors are even stronger in markets that are underdeveloped, such as clean energy. This program aims to propel viable business ideas to the market place by accelerating the regeneration of ideas and connecting entrepreneurs to the market. The program helps entrepreneurs tackle with confidence the core strategic challenges they face in taking their ideas to the market and scaling up their businesses.

Participants are asked to commit to the Program process and supply time, energy, and enthusiasm, to take full advantage of its resources and partners.

To learn more about Green Entrepreneurship click hereor about Mentoring and the Program click hereor see our FAQ for Entrepreneurs

Benefits of Participation

You as an entrepreneur will through your participation in the Green Innovation Program:

  • Validate your business model and ideas (and maybe even reinvent them)
  • Pitch, repitch and repitch your business ideas to local and international entrepreneurs
  • Make new local and international business connections
  • Receive specialized business expertise if you make it to Stage 3
  • Have a chance to gain national and international visibility through the program, particularly if you are among the winner of a Stage
  • Be part of a community of Indonesian and global entrepreneurs who are passionate and driven by the same issues as you
  • Tackle an important problem faced by your community, your country and the world 

A Start-up Boot Camp is held for Program Participants and provides the opportunity to participate in a concrete learning experience and to be mentored by international and local mentors.

Program participants receive valuable business mentoring advice from experienced industry professionals to guide them in developing strategic growth objectives for their businesses. Program mentors are business professionals, located both in Indonesia and abroad, with extensive business experience, knowledge of different aspects of the creation and development of successful enterprises, and extensive business networks.

Participants get access to peer-to-peer meetings where they are able to meet like-minded people who are struggling with some of the same challenges and who can give each other advice or collaborate in finding appropriate solutions.

In collaboration with the business mentors, participants are able to better prepare their company for growth and investment by responding to barriers, identifying and managing risks, pursuing business opportunities and developing strategic solutions.

The mentors also assist participants with the creation or improvement of their business plans which are essential for clarifying the participants’ strategies as well as for attracting investors who are interested in investing in clean energy ventures.

Who Can Apply?

To be selected to participate in the Program, Entrepreneurs and their business case must meet the following criteria:

  • Innovative business model, product or service
  • Focus on products or services related to clean energy
  • Strong business case with high-impact potential
  • Strong team dedicated to scaling up the business
  • Face a specific challenge that you need help with to transform your business
  • Your business model relies on services, existing technology or technology that is not too far from commercialisation
  • Be based in Indonesia and willing to participate in a program located in Jakarta

About the Application

Where to apply?

Entrepreneurs who are interested in applying and who meet the requirements for the Program can apply online during the Application phase of the Program. This Phase has now ended for 2012.

Application Deadline

To be considered for entry into the Program, entrepreneurs must complete the online application form and submit any required attachments by the application within the given deadline.

It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to ensure that all documents and forms are submitted and received as required.

Participation in all Program activities is free of charge for the selected entrepreneurs.
The Application submission deadline for 2012 has passed.

If you questions regarding participation in the Program or are interested to learn more about the selected entrepreneurs, please do not hesitate to contact the Program Coordinator at: enquiries@greeninnovation.or.id

Entrepreneur Events 2012

  • Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, Jakarta, 18-19 April

    Boot Camp participants attended a two-day seminar featuring international speakers from the business and entrepreneurship community. The participants also received mentoring sessions with both local and international mentors. The events culminated in business pitching competitions where the winning entrepreneurs received a trip to the USA visiting potential investors and members of the business community in Washington DC, Boston and Silicon Valley. The winner of the sponsored trip was T-Files Indonesia, the first company in Indonesia to design and develop marine current turbines to harness the power.

  • Mentor Matching Day, Jakarta, 18 July

    Entrepreneurs and mentors were invited to a day of introductions and presentations. All lead, local and global mentor options were presented as well as all participating entrepreneurs. Some mentors were presented through the use of video and slideshows while others attended in-person or via video conferencing. At the end of the day, both entrepreneurs and mentors were invited to rank their preferred matches. This ranking is the basis of the final mentor and mentee matching. In addition to presentations, attendees received Program information, participated in group discussions and were challenged by group exercises with a practical approach to powerful business planning tools.