Green Entrepreneurship Roles and Partners

The Program consists of the following partners as outlined in the schematic depiction below. Each Program partner has a mutually agreed set of general responsibilities and key deliverables the team will be responsible for achieving. The roles, responsibilities and backgrounds of each of the Program partners are outlined below:

The World Bank

The World Bank is responsible for the overall supervisionof the Program. The World Bankplays anintegralrole inprogram planning, program launch, program execution and program closure

Local Venture Accelerator Partner (LVA), The Apex Consulting Group

The Local Venture Accelerator Partner has primary responsibility for in-country program implementation. It supportsthe Program through planning, outreach activities, entrepreneur screening, mentoring, consulting, networking and learning events, monitoring, communication and coordination with local and global partners.

Apex, established in 2007, is a Jakarta-based consulting company specializing in the field of business based empowerment. Itprovides client solutions for private corporations, government-owned enterprises, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations.

Its senior consultants have not only assisted organisations improve their business processes, but, have established, managed and grown companies themselves; giving them the first-hand business experience our clients demand from their advisors.

The Apex Consulting Group has designed, developed and implemented business-based support,acceleration and empowerment programs across Indonesia. As an example of their work, Apex manages and implements the World Resources Institute’s New Ventures Program in Indonesia (NVI). New Ventures has offices in China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Columbia and Brazil. NVI supports local sustainable enterprise growth by providing innovative Indonesian entrepreneurs with management training, business advisory services, and access to finance and investment.

Global Venture Accelerator Partner (GVA), CRDF Global

The Global Venture Accelerator Partner supportsthe Program with the implementation of the Indonesia Green Entrepreneurship Program by contributing global expertise and mentors to outreach, entrepreneur screening, mentoring, consulting process planning, networking and learning events.

CRDF Global is an independent non-profit organization that promotes international scientific and technical collaboration through grants, technical resources, and training. CRDF Global is based in Arlington, United States with offices in Moscow, Russia; Kyiv, Ukraine; Almaty, Kazakhstan; and Amman, Jordan.

CRDF Global engages global innovators to address the critical challenges of our time—from health and the environment, to security and education. CRDF’s work developing and managing scientific programs provides a resource for government, corporate and research communities in the United States and around the world.

CRDF works in the following focus areas; capacity building, innovation, non-proliferation, research partnerships and science diplomacy.

Program Coordinator (PC), The Apex Consulting Group

The Apex Consulting Group (Apex) is both the Program Coordinator and the Local Venture Accelerator Partner of the Indonesia Green Innovation Program.

The Program coordination team supports the World Bank with the Program by providing technical assistance, supervision, coordination with local partners, review panels, communication and monitoring.