About mentoring and the Program

Mentors are role models, coaches,sounding boards for ideas, and sometimes even brokers who connect their mentees to personal business networks. A mentor has specific and relevant knowledge, experience and skills in an area, and shares it with that person.


The Program Mentors focus on the following areas of priority:

  • Development of the competency and capacity of the mentee;
  • Explore opportunities for business network development;
  • Technology and R&D Planning;
  • Strategy roadmap, growth plan and scalability; and
  • Financing and investment strategy.    

Why become a mentor?

  • Better understand the clean energy market in Indonesia
  • Enhance own skills in coaching, counselling, listening, modelling and communication
  • Increased professional recognition and respect
  • Develop patience and practise a more personal style of leadership
  • Learn new perspectives and approaches
  • Extend professional networks with mentees and other local and international mentors
  • Share knowledge and contribute to others
  • Join entrepreneurship learning events
  • Address environmental degradation by contributing to clean energy solutions

The value of becoming a Program Mentor

As a carefully selected Mentor in the Green Entrepreneurship Subprogram you will have access to the benefits of being a member of a local an international business network; including:

  • Prestige of being handpicked to contribute in an exciting pilot program that brings together program partners and supporters from many different parts of the world in an effort to promote clean energy entrepreneurship in Indonesia
  • The opportunity to network with the clean energy entrepreneurship community and gain valuable connections both locally and globally.
  • Ensure professional development and direct exposure to some of the most promising clean energy projects and individuals in Indonesia.
  • Make a real difference to local entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference in their communities.

Location and Time Requirements of the Mentoring

All mentoring for local mentors will be conducted in a location agreed by the Local Venture Accelerator primarily based on accommodating the needs of the entrepreneurs.

All mentoring for global mentors will be conducted online and the mentors will be responsible for providing access to relevant equipment to enable reliable communications.


The time requirement for mentors is as follows:

  • Lead Mentor:
    8 hours per month for 3 months during stage 2, and 8 hours per month for 4 months during stage 3
  • Mentor:
    2 hours per month for 3 months during stage 2, and 2 hours per month for 4 months during stage 3
  • Global Mentor:
    2 hours per month for 3 months during stage 2, and 2 hours per month for 4 months during stage 3
    There will be 1 lead mentor, 1 global mentor and 2 non-lead mentors supporting each Program participant.

Mentor Selection

The Program will engage three different types of mentors who will be selected in the following ways:

  • Lead Mentors:
    Will be selected through an internal selection Process by the LVA.
  • Mentors:
    External applicants are encouraged to express interest through
  • Global Mentors:
    The Global Venture Partner will recruit several top experts specialized in clean technologies, experts with entrepreneurial, investment and teaching background. More specifically, the mentors will be selected based on the specific areas of expertise necessary for the Indonesian entrepreneurs.


If you are interested in becoming a local mentor, please contact

If you are interested in becoming a global mentor, please contact